A brief history.............

1890:   The historic center building, now the School House Inn's office, is built as the McMillan School, one of two elementary schools in Conway, New Hampshire.  

1910:  The McMillan School is merged with the nearby Seavey Street school leaving the property vacant.  

1912:  School district voters at the Town of Conway annual meeting agree to sell the vacant property.  It is sold to Mr. Jim Gibson

1915:  The property is sold to George and Edith Davis of Fall River, Massachusetts.  Edith, a North Conway native, renovates the property opens it as the Pine Trea Tea Room.  

The first cottage, now referred to as cottage 22 & 23, is erected on the north end of the property and is the summer residence of Edith and her sister Mabel.  

1928:  The Pine Tree Tea Room is sold to George Withers who adds overnight cabins and renames the property Pine Tree Cabins.  

1949:  A new owner opens a restaurant in the old tea house and offers dining to overnight travelers.  It is now referred to as the Pine Tree Restaurant and Cabins.

1954:  Two large additions to the north and south of the center building transformed the property into what you see today, then called the Adora Motor Inn and Old School House Dining Room, eventually shortened to the School House Inn.  

2019:  The property is sold to the Bellini Family, who have since welcomed guests from all over the world. 
2023:  Celebrating 133 years of history, and 69 years of welcoming guests to North Conway, the School House Inn has welcomed and estimated 160,000 guests.